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BIS Tablet Sales Order


BIS Tablet Sales Order for Traverse Accounting Software adds flexible and mobile shipping options to your business that will increase efficiency, reduce shipping errors and speed the flow of data from your shipping department to the accounting department.


The BIS Tablet Sales Order for Traverse and a Windows tablet will equip your shipping department with the tools needed to retrieve and process sales orders directly from Traverse Accounting Software.   This process streamlines your shipping and increases efficiency.

BIS Tablet Sale Order for Traverse BIS Tablet Sale Order for Traverse

1 – The tool strip
2 – The Header view
3 – The Detail view
4 – Ship All Button
5 – The Completed checkbox

You can pair a bluetooth barcode scanner to the Windows tablet allowing you to scan the barcode from picking tickets to retrieve orders.  Once an order is selected you can use the “Ship All” function to ship the entire order or edit the quantities shipped on a per line item basis.  Once the order is marked complete the processing engine in Traverse will process the order.  The order is set to “Verified” and if inventory items exist they are updated as if they were manually verified in the Traverse Sales Order application.

The application also allows you to produce an updated Picking Slip and a Packing List.

You can utilize as many tablets as necessary and only one Traverse license is consumed.

Using the BIS Tablet Sales Order for Traverse application will streamline and automate your shipping process, eliminate errors, and increase efficiency.

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