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AR/SO Ignore Document Delivery


Now you can have a choice whether you use Document Delivery or not when printing.


In TRAVERSE v11 when a customer is configured to use document delivery for their AR or SO invoices all generated invoices are automatically emailed or faxed to that customer. There is no option to print a paper copy of the invoice outside of saving the document to PDF and printing from a 3rd party program.

This modification solves the printing issue by adding a new option to the AR and SO Print Invoices screens. The Print button has been replaced with a drop down that now gives you the option of Document Delivery or Paper Only.

When choosing Document Delivery invoice printing will function as normal. If document delivery rules are setup for a given customer they will be used; otherwise, a paper invoice will be generated.

When choosing Paper Only then any document delivery rules for a given customer will be ignored and only a paper invoice will be generated.
This functionality is available in both online printing (through the AR and SO transaction screens) and via batch printing.


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