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AR Collections Module


This module allows you to create standardized collection letters that can then be sent to your customers via an open invoice collection view.


AR Open Invoice Collections for TRAVERSE v11

The AR Collection Letters function allows you to create a collection of standardized, customizable letters that will be sent to your customers along with their invoices.


Letter ID

The letter ID is automatically generated for you upon creating a new letter, but can be overridden to some other value up to 8 characters.


The description field is used to provide a detailed explanation of the letter’s functionality such as First Notice, Second Notice, Final Warning, etc.


The body section is used to create and format your letter as it will appear in the customer’s email.

A basic formatting toolbar is provided that allows you to: adjust horizontal orientation, bold, italicize, or underline, change the font and its size and change the text color.

Several tokenized replacement variables have been made available for you to insert into the body of your letter. When letters are sent these variables will be parsed out and replaced with the relevant customer and/or invoice(s) information. All replacement variables are in the form of ${name}, “dollar-sign curly-bracket name curly-bracket”. The available variables are:

  • ${company_address}: This variable will be replaced with the current company’s full name and address.
  • ${customer_attn}: This variable will be replaced with the ‘Attn’ field from the customer record.
  • ${customer_contact}: This variable will be replaced with the ‘Contact’ field from the customer record.
  • ${customer_id}: This variable will be replaced with the customer ID.
  • ${customer_name}: This variable will be replaced with the full customer name.
  • ${delivery_address}: This variable will be replaced with the delivery address as defined in the customer’s ‘AR COLLECT’ document delivery record.
  • ${delivery_name}: This variable will be replaced with the delivery name as defined in the customer’s ‘AR COLLECT’ document delivery record.
  • ${invoice_count}: This variable will be replaced with the number (count) of selected invoices for the customer.
  • ${invoices}: This variable will be replaced with a formatted table that displays relevant information about the selected invoices for the customer (example below).
Invoices Due
Invoice No. Invoice Date Age (days) Amount Due
470909 06/02/2015 353 $1,281.43


Document Delivery

The standard TRAVERSE document delivery system is used to transmit collection letters to customers. At the moment only the E-mail delivery method is supported.

A new Document Type has been added called ‘AR COLLECT’. One or more document delivery records per customer must be setup for collection letters to be sent.


The AR Collections screen is used to view current open invoice records and to select which invoices to send collection letters on.


You may use the criteria at the top of the screen to filter invoice records based on customer and invoice information including invoice age. The criteria may also be left empty to see all current records. Once your criteria is ready click the ‘Apply Filter’ button to load the invoice data into the bottom grid.

Base Letter

The base letter is a drop down showing your collection of previously created letters. The letter chosen here will be used for all selected invoices unless specifically overridden in the grid view. A base letter must be selected before collections can be processed.

Grid View

The grid view shows the filtered invoices that can be selected to send a collection letter for. The grid shows basic invoice information which includes:

  • Customer ID
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice status
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice age (in days)
  • Discount due date
  • Amount due

As well the grid allows you to override the base letter above with a letter more specific to the selected invoice.  Simply click in the Letter column to see your collection of letters and choose the one you want for the invoice.

When you are ready to send letters use the Collect column to select each individual invoice to send. As well you can use the Select All and Select None buttons at the top of the screen. Once you have all invoices selected click the Print button to begin the document delivery process. Afterwards a popup will appear showing the status of each generated email, or any specific errors that occurred.


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